Esquire Realty Company is the product of the life lessons learned by cousins growing up in a family-run restaurant. Our immigrant Grandfather "Pepino", a Swiss-Italian Chef and World War II vet, taught us that hard work and a fair deal are the values that guide any successful small business. Like our Grandfather, we tailor our efforts and serve our clients with the highest level of duty and care.

We are more than Realtors, we are Client Advocates. We believe that California home ownership is the cornerstone of family, community and prosperity. We are Experts in all aspects of consumer real estate and mortgage. Together, we battled the "Big Banks" and protected homeowners throughout the Great Recession. Our mission is to promote informed home ownership through good times and bad; to ensure that Californians are never harmed again by unscrupulous lenders, greedy real estate predators or by deceptive contracts.

It is exhilarating to help a young family buy their first home and witness the moment when they realize they've made a great decision. Purchasing a home will likely be the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT FINANCIAL TRANSACTION of your life. We are here to help you make smart decisions about all things mortgage and real estate, now and into your future. We are your family of real estate experts.

Team Leader

Michael Carson

Managing Broker
I pride myself on having a great work ethic, loyalty and being dedicated to my clients. This includes offering sound advice, organizing an effective game plan and executing efficiently. My desire is to always offer excellent guidance and consulting no matter what the situation is. I look forward to the opportunity of working together!